Possible Tylee Ryan sighting at a Nashville concert

Police in Idaho say they've made no progress despite receiving hundreds of tips about two...
Police in Idaho say they've made no progress despite receiving hundreds of tips about two missing children whose parents aren't cooperating with authorities. Tylee Ryan and Joshua Vallow were last seen in September (Source: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children)(KMVT)
Published: Feb. 17, 2020 at 11:51 AM MST
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A girl closely resembling Tylee Ryan was seen at a concert in Tennessee on Dec. 22.

Though this is an unconfirmed report, the woman who saw her said she's sure that the girl she met at the concert is Tylee.

Sarah Elrod-Ausbrook says she met the girl she knew as Amy at a Trace Atkins dinner concert. The girl was with a man and a woman in their 60s and was sitting right next to them at their table.

She originally said she was from out West but the man she was with corrected her and said she was from Knoxville, Tennessee.

He then sent a text message to his wife, and when she read it, she took Tylee to the bathroom. When they came back Elrod-Ausbrook said Amy was a different girl.

“There was something not right with how that conversation and how her behavior changed when she went to the restroom and she returned,” Elrod-Ausbrook said. “She was extremely reserved, I mean, it was like somebody stitched her mouth shut. That is out of character for somebody to change their character that much in a matter of moments. That told us that something or somebody had control over her.”

As the evening continued Elrod-Ausbrook, who is a paramedic and her husband who is a Department of Corrections Officer, said they saw many red flags in the couple and Amy's behavior.

They both have received training in how to recognize children in distress because of that Elrod-Ausbrook always carries paper and a crayon with a note that reads “If you are in need of help leave a note with your name.”

When the concert was over Amy gave her a hug and she was able to put that in her coat pocket

“I didn't expect her then to lean in and give me a hug, and when she did that I was able to put the crayon paper in her pocket and explain to her: "If you're in trouble or need help, leave a note. It's in your pocket." She had tears in her eyes and her grip tightened,” Elrod-Ausbrook said. “It's like she was telling me she was. I will never forget that child. Never.”

Elrod-Ausbrook says that Amy looked familiar to her and a few days later she saw the picture of Tylee Ryan and J.J. Vallow on Facebook and she was sure that it was the same girl. She said her hair was a little lighter and her face slightly slimmer, but she is sure it was Tylee.

Elrod-Ausbrook says that she has contacted the Rexburg Police the FBI and the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

While there is no proof that Amy was in-fact Tylee, but the two other couples at the table also independently saw the photo of Tylee when it made national news and contacted the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Elrod-Ausbrook said that there is video surveillance at the concert venue, and she hopes that it will be of use to police as they continue to investigate this report.