UPDATE: Lincoln County Sheriff's bond set at $500K

Published: Apr. 5, 2019 at 8:09 PM MDT
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UPDATE: Saturday 10:48 p.m.

Neighbors of Sheriff Rodriguez expressed disbelief at charges he faces in Blaine County. Jenner Brannon, who lives a floor below Sheriff Rodriguez's residence in Shoshone said he's a "good man" that helps those around him.

"This past winter when I had a bad battery in my car, I asked him if he'd help me and he said absolutely," Brannon said. "He said don't worry about it, that's what I'm here for." "Because I'm a public official, that's what I'm here for to help you."

Asked whether she believes Sheriff Rodriguez could be capable of the crimes he's charged with, Brannon said 'no'.

"No," she said. "He's got his own kids."

Sheriff Rodriguez is slated to see a Blaine County Judge on Monday, which is also the day the sheriff's second 30 day period of leave expires. The sheriff was granted a 30 day period of paid leave by the Lincoln County Commissioners in February. In March, the sheriff requested another 30 day period of paid leave through Twin Falls Attorney Michael Wood. That request was agreed to, but without pay, according to Lincoln County Commissioner, Roy Hubert.

Hubert indicated that if a third period of leave is requested upon by Rodriguez or an attorney, it would be heard by the commissioners.

"Whatever request comes to us, we will hear them."

However, Hubert said he was unaware of any plans by Rodriguez to request a third period of leave. And that the county commissioners are only able to grant up to 90 days of leave. "After that it's out of our hands," Hubert says.

The attorney who negotiated Rodriguez's second 30 day request for leave, was reached via phone by KMVT, and indicated he has not been retained by Rodriguez in relation to the charges the sheriff faces in Blaine County, as of Saturday.

KMVT was also able to speak to Rodriguez's ex-wife Kristina Rodriguez, who would not comment on the charges Rodriguez faces. She indicated she was not able to speak on the matter pursuant to instructions from her attorney, and would not identify who or why she's obtained the service of lawyer. However, she did indicate that she hopes people remember there are children involved, that she hopes to protect. It's not clear what her involvement is with Rodriguez or the criminal charges he faces at this time.

UPDATE Saturday 9:35 a.m.:

Blaine County confirmed to KMVT that Rodriguez's bail is set for $500,000 and based on his charges, it could be revoked when he appears before a judge on Monday.

UPDATE 9:30 p.m.:

According to an arrest photo, 40-year-old Lincoln County Sheriff Rene Rodriguez, from Shoshone, was arrested by Idaho State Police Friday afternoon around 5 p.m.

He was booked into the Blaine County jail for charges of sexual abuse of a child under 16, lewd conduct with a minor child and rape.


New information regarding Lincoln County Sheriff Rene Rodriguez.

A Lincoln County Commissioner confirmed with us Friday that he is being investigated by the Blaine County Sheriff's Office.

No word on what specifically he is being investigated for.

According to a captain with the Blaine County Jail, as of Friday evening, they do have someone listed in their custody named Rene Rodriguez.

However, officials would not confirm that it is the Lincoln County Sheriff.

The Attorney General’s Office declined to comment on the matter and calls to his lawyer also went unanswered.

This Monday, his second 30-day unpaid leave will expire and he is eligible to apply for one more extension totaling 90 days.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.